About Us

Who We Are

pole_tops_1.jpgDistribution Systems Testing, Application, and Research (DSTAR) is a consortium of electric utilities, facilitated by General Electric International, Inc., sharing the results of distribution research. During its 30+ years of existence, DSTAR has focused on providing its member utilities with results that are directly applicable to everyday distribution design, planning, engineering, operation, and maintenance.

What We Do

DSTAR offers distribution utilities cost-effective and responsive means of addressing complex challenges that require innovative solutions. By cooperatively funding research with other distribution utilities, each member substantially leverages its investment.

What Distinguishes Us

  • Practical, innovative distribution focus
  • Responsive, intimate, direct control by members
  • Low overhead, efficiently managed organization
  • Valuable networking and training opportunities
  • Management team comprised of industry experts

Pragmatic Distribution Research and Development for Today's Competitive Utility Environment