DSTAR research activities are directed by a committee consisting of representatives from each of the member utilities and utility organizations. Concepts for future research topics are developed from the needs expressed by the member utilities. The committee selects projects to be pursued and the funding to be allocated. One or two member representatives are chosen as the overseer for each project, providing guidance and liaison with the contractor. Projects review meetings are held twice per year to update members on progress and to provide an opportunity for the membership-at-large to direct the course of the research. Additional project review meetings are also held throughout the year via phone on an as needed basis.

The individual research projects sponsored by DSTAR are bundled into consecutive research programs. Each program consists, on average, between four and twelve independent research projects, covering diverse topics. The duration of a program is approximately one and a half years. Membership is on a program basis; participants in a given program receive the deliverables for all projects included in that program. In addition to providing the most leverage of the utilities' research investment, the cooperative arrangement has the positive result of exposing investor-owned utilities to a wider range of practices and approaches to distribution engineering challenges.

GE Energy Consulting performs the role of program manager and prime contractor. The technical work is performed by GE or by qualified subcontractors where appropriate.

DSTAR is directed by a committee of representatives of the member utilities. Listed below are the current DSTAR officers and GE Energy program administrators.


Robert Cheney
Southern Company
Phone: (205) 288-1032


Michele Suddleson
Phone: (202) 467-2960


Anthony Katigbak
Duke Energy
Phone: (919) 546-4384

Reserve Officer

Thomas Gwinn

Past Chair

Jim Weiss
Phone: (314) 554-3319

Program Manager

Lavelle Freeman
GE Energy Consulting
One River Road
Bldg. 53 - Room 314
Schenectady, NY 12345
Phone: (518) 385-3335
Fax: (518) 385-9529

Operating Manager

Joshua Hambrick
GE Energy Consulting
3131 Meade St
Denver, CO 80211
Phone: (720) 340-2445
Fax: (518) 385-9529

Technical Advisor

Devin Van Zandt
GE Energy Consulting
One River Road
Bldg. 53 - Room 315
Schenectady, NY 12345
Phone: (518) 385-9066
Fax: (518) 385-9529