APPA Joins Distribution Research Consortium

June 01, 2011

American Public Power Association member utilities will have the opportunity to drive new research over the next 12 to 18 months that has the potential to make distribution systems more efficient—and to reap the benefits from that research.

A $90,000 grant to APPA’s Demonstrations in Energy-Efficient Developments program has enabled APPA to join the Distribution Systems Testing, Application, and Research consortium, better known as DSTAR. Through DSTAR, all APPA member utilities have the opportunity get involved in research and development that can be applied readily to everyday system design, operation, and maintenance activities.

DSTAR has hosted pragmatic, distribution-focused research and development for hundreds of utilities over the past 25 years. Members own an undivided share of all the deliverables, and can back-buy past deliverables at a reduced cost.

APPA members will be a part of DSTAR’s Program 13. Research under this program includes a focus on energy efficiency, reliability, and smart grid impact. This includes enhancing DSTAR’s Secondary Electrical Design Software, developing tools for more accurate transformer load estimation, assessing distribution automation performance, and evaluating the impact of the smart grid and solar photovoltaic installations on distribution systems.

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APPA Joins Distribution Research Consortium