Guy Tension Analyzer

The Guy Tension Analyzer (GTA) software tool is used to calculate tensions on guy wires and guy anchors for dead-end and angle distribution poles. With the addition of pole classing in Version 4.0, GTA now performs all necessary structural calculations for wood distribution poles.

The tool can handle three types of guy wire configurations:

  • standard (guys connected directly to anchors from a line pole),
  • span guy, and
  • sidewalk guy.

The Guy Tension Analyzer provides plan and elevation views of the design to ensure that the data "looks right".


In the standard and span guy configurations, up to ten lines (ten lines in each direction for angle poles) can be accommodated, together with up to ten tap lines terminating at an arbitrary angle with respect to the main line (feature not supported with sidewalk configuration), as well as five guy wires and anchors. The tool provides complete flexibility to connect any guy to any anchor. The sidewalk configuration accommodates ten lines (angle or dead-end) with a single guy. The Guy Tension Analyzer, with appropriate application techniques, can be used to perform guy calculations for the following special situations:

  • corner dead-ends (if the lines are perpendicular),
  • dead-ending of certain conductors at a tangent pole with other conductors continuing on (such as a transition from a three-phase feeder to a single-phase feeder, with two phases terminating at the pole),
  • changes of conductor size at a tangent pole, and
  • slack spans.

This tool was originally developed as part of the DSTAR Engineering Toolbox. The Toolbox programs are designed for extreme user ease. Most programs can be readily used by a technician or engineer without even first consulting the manual. An important feature of all the Toolbox programs is that the programs are easily customized to the materials and practices of the using company. The customization is set up by a knowledgeable engineer in the company. For the end user, the answer is just a few clicks away.

GTA was created, ehanced, or modified in the following projects: P7-1, P9-3,, P9-4