Overhead Calculation Suite

The Overhead Conductor Suite (OCS) is a DSTAR Engineering Toolbox program that consists of four tightly packed "mini-programs" that can be used to quickly and easily calculate, for a given wood-pole wind loading condition:

  • ruling span,
  • conductor initial or construction sag,
  • conductor blowout, and
  • maximum conductor span length.

Access to each of the four "mini-programs" is provided via buttons on the main screen. Clicking on the desired button will display an intuitive input window for easy data entry.


The calculations are based upon standard utility practices, ANSI 05.1-1992, and the NESC guide. The program also offers the user and program administrator significant flexibility in molding the software to satisfy their particular need.

The four "mini-programs" include:

  • Ruling Span Calculator
  • Wood Pole Wind Loading
  • Conductor Blowout
  • Stringing Sag

OCS was created in P7-1

An Office 2007 compatible version is available in: 11-0