Cable Pulling Assistant

The Cable Pulling Assistant (CPA) is a DSTAR Engineering Toolbox program that allows user-friendly calculations of pulling tensions and sidewall pressures for a cable run. CPA also calculates the probability of cable jamming, conduit fill, and conduit clearances. A key feature of CPA is that the calculations for pulling in either direction can be quickly obtained, without re-entry of the conduit layout data. As with other Toolbox programs, CPA can be customized to allow the user to directly select the cables and conduits used by a utility.


CPA handles up to three similar cables plus a neutral conductor in a conduit. Cables are selected from a database set up by the Administrator, or data are directly input. Then the program recommends a coefficient of friction based on the combination of the cable outside surface material and the conduit material. This table of coefficients is set up by the Administrator based on the lubrication practices used by the utility.

A very handy method is used to input cable layout information. The user simply double-clicks on a row in the input table, and the window shown on the lower left opens. The user can select whether a straight, sweep, or field bend section is to be input, and a window is opened letting the user select the appropriate data from a list set up by the Administrator.


In version 3.0, three-dimensional visualization of a conduit run has been added to CPA. This new feature enables users to quickly visualize a scaled drawing of the cable layout in three-dimensions. The visualization tool is very flexible and allows users to rotate the drawing arbitrarily to verify the layout. In addition, the tool visual shows the tension with respect to maximum allowable along the length of the run.


CPA was created, ehanced, or modified in the following projects: P7-1, P9-2, P10-5, P14-5