Windows 7 Software Updates

Project Summary:

DSTAR has produced a wide range of software products over the last six (6) programs, and during this time, execution environments and operating systems have undergone several migrations. In DSTAR Program 11, Excel-based software tools were updated to be compatible with Office 2007 (and Office 2010 by extension). Many DSTAR members are seeing their operating systems upgraded to Windows 7, and there are concerns that some of the most commonly used DSTAR tools are being affected by the change. Some members have reported potential problems with SEDS, CPA, and GTA. DSTAR members wanted to understand (1) which DSTAR software tools are commonly used by the membership, (2) how these tools are affected by Windows 7 upgrade, (3) how to update the software tools to maintain usability and compatibility.

The scope of the project included the following:

  • Software Survey: A survey of DSTAR members was conducted to determine which software tools are commonly used, and what Windows 7 issues are present or are likely to occur. The survey was conducted electronically with follow-up interviews as needed.
  • Software Updates: From the survey, the most commonly used software tools were selected for extensive testing and verification in the Windows 7 environment. Issues related to both installation and execution will be resolved, and updates of the software tools will be produced and distributed to the membership.

Some of the errors identified during the survey, interviews and testing are shown below:

Win7 Issues

Updated versions of CPA (with installation instructions) and GTA were produced in this project. A separate project for SEDS enhancements was executed in Project 13-4.

For the results the Windows 7 Software Updates project see: P13-11.