Evaluation of Power Control Devices for Distribution Systems

High penetration of intermittent distributed generation such as photovoltaics (PV) generates a number of voltage and power quality issues including violation of voltage limits and excessive voltage variations. These issues inhibit the integration of PVs in the distribution systems and utility’s operational control over the voltage and loading conditions in their service territory. Recently introduced var compensation-based Smart Devices claim to mitigate these issues thereby improving PV integration and providing other benefits. The relatively low cost and autonomous operation of such devices make them potentially enticing options for long and weak distribution circuits. The objective of this project is to provide DSTAR utilities a quantitative third-party performance evaluation of commercially available three Smart Devices offered by three vendors: 1) Varentec’s Edge of Network Grid Optimizer (ENGO); 2) GridBridge’s Grid Energy Router (GER); and 3) American Superconductor’s (AMSC) Dynamic Var Volt-var Optimizer (DVAR VVO).

Tagged: Varentec, ENGO, AMSC, GridBridge, Volt-Var, PV impact, DVAR