Elbow Switching Performance Tests

Develop a testing procedure to quantify acceptable performance when disconnecting "unloaded" separable connectors. Specifically, the proposed performance test was to address the propensity of energized (but unloaded) elbow connectors to occasionally flashover when being disconnected. Testing was conducted at vendor high-voltage labs, with test procedures and flashover performance observed by both DSTAR and vendor representatives. The objective was to demonstrate and quantify elbow flashover behavior with a test procedure that is acceptable to both vendors and users. The performance test procedure which was to be developed was to be ultimately proposed for adoption into ANSI standard 386. Despite extensive effort, however, this project was not successful in finding a realistic and practical means to accelerate flashovers to the degree necessary for meaningful evaluation of elbow performance.

Tagged: P1-6, P6, Equipment Testing/Evaluation, Engineering Guidelines, Engineering Analysis Software, Economic Analysis