Capacitor Transient Currents

This project will develop guidelines for avoiding nuisance operation of feeder capacitor bank fuses due to switching transient and lightning duty. The guidelines will consider factors such as:

  • capacitor size
  • capacitor bank neutral grounding (grounded wye or floating wye)
  • rated system voltage
  • relative location of other capacitor banks
  • switchgear type and performance
  • overvoltage protection practices
  • feeder lightning exposure

This project will include field measurements to supplement simulations and engineering analysis, providing accurate and realistic results. Final results will be delivered in the form of concise guidelines, tables, and spreadsheets.

Guidelines provided by this research will allow member utilities to better coordinate fuses protecting feeder capacitor banks, and minimize nuisance fuse operations resulting in voltage imbalance affecting customer power quality and labor costs for locating and replacing blown fuses.

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