Primary Flicker And Impedance

This modest-sized project will expand the present DSTAR Toolbox voltage flicker tool to calculate the impact of large motor starting or other flicker loads elsewhere on the feeder. The tool will allow the user to quickly and conveniently model the primary system. An impedance calculator will be built into the tool to allow the user to conveniently determine the impedance of a feeder section with a given configuration and conductor size. Voltage flicker results will be output for each specified point in the primary system model, as well as the secondary system to which the flicker-producing load is connected.

There is heightened interest in power quality provided to customers, and one significant aspect of power quality is limiting voltage flicker. Existing tools for distribution system analysis, such as load flow programs, are cumbersome to use for this type of analysis, and are often not available to the engineers needing to perform the flicker analysis. This tool fulfills this need, and offers convenience and ease-of-use which minimizes engineering effort required.

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