Electronic Data Handbook (ehandbook) Expansion

The e-Handbook concept has proven to be quite popular with DSTAR members. Following the development and release of the first version in program 9, the DSTAR members agreed to significantly expand the scope of the e-Handbook and enhance the look and feel. These goals were accomplished in project 10-2. Following that expansion, subsequent additons were requested, and these are being implemented in this project. The ideas selected for inclusion in this phase are: Meter Connections, NEMA Motor Data, Secondary Voltage Drop Calculator, Basic Engineering Economics, Critical Flash Over Calculator, Protective Margins (BIL Margins), Standard Equipment Sizes, Pole Sizes and Classes, Ferroresonance Tutorial, Arc Energy Calculations.

Tagged: P14-10, P10, Equipment Testing/Evaluation, System Reliability, Industry Perspectives / White Papers, Engineering Guidelines, Engineering Analysis Software