Best Practices for Storm Response on U.S. Distribution Systems

This report examines the practices, procedures and experiences of U.S. utilities during major storm occurrences with the goal of understanding and conveying what went right and what went wrong during the build-up, restoration and ramp-down phases. This includes appreciating how utilities harden their systems to withstand storm elements, how they prepare, train and drill storm-duty personnel, available tools and processes for storm tracking and damage prediction, how they organize and manage response activities, procedures for assessment, repairing and switching, communications and technology use. The investigation included: a detailed survey of DSTAR member utilities on a wide range of storm response issues; interviews with utility personnel, vendors, manufacturers, researchers and consultants; extensive review of relevant literature including industry publications, conference proceedings, whitepapers, utility storm reports and public commission assessments; and examination of utility, vendor and manufacturer websites. The result is comprehensive 124-page report that highights many important aspects of storm restoration with 144 recommendations and lessons-learned from past experiences.

Tagged: P7-11, P11, System Reliability, Operational Efficiency, Industry Perspectives / White Papers, Engineering Guidelines, Engineering Analysis Software