Feeder Automation White Paper

The purpose of this project is to give provide the DSTAR memebership with a comprehensive detailed overview of feeder automation within US utilities. Over the years, electric utility companies have strived to enhance their reliability, power quality, and operating efficiency by the use of distribution automation. Many of the early systems were little more than an extension of SCADA beyond the substation fence with their low computational and communication capabilities. However, many lessons were learned and technology has advanced, especially through the 1990s up to the present. More advanced automation applications, especially in feeder automation area outside the substation fence, have developed. This project was meant to address drivers for automation, centralized vs. distributed approaches, communications technology, fault location, isolation and restoration, volt-var control, and installation/integration issues. However, the full report was not completed at the request of the mmbers, but a preliminary draft with raw secondary research is available.

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