Planning and Organization

Program 13 has just kicked off. Now is the time to join!

Contact the dstar program manager or any officer for information about joining DSTAR Program 13.

The program is expected to include projects with a smart grid and energy efficiency focus, as well as others. Project ideas under consideration include:

  • Load estimation tool for commercial and residential installations
  • Best practices for equipment inspection and maintenance
  • Single-phase and three phase SEDS enhancements
  • Conservation voltage reduction (CVR) - testing, methods, and results
  • 3rd harmonic issues, impact, mitigation
  • Smart grid impact on distribution reliability
  • Arrester comparative testing and justification of normal duty arresters
  • Mechanical coordination of overhead distribution structures
  • Centralized vs. distributed feeder automation and impacts on distribution performance
  • Impact of photovoltaic generation on distribution systems
  • Electrical safety of facilities energized at 120V within equipment enclosures in flooded areas
  • Getting added value from SCADA and remote sensors
  • Smart grid technologies and data requirements for transformer health assessment and prediction
  • Integration of reliability information with system operations planning
  • Best practices for demand side management using dynamic pricing
  • The value of losses in a deregulated industry
  • Testing on elbow-mounted fuses
  • Guidelines for material/vendor approval

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