Window 7 Software Updates

Many DSTAR members are seeing their operating systems upgraded to Windows 7, and there are concerns that some of the most commonly used DSTAR tools are being affected by the change. Some members have reported potential problems with SEDS, CPA, and GTA, and others. DSTAR members would like to understand (1) which DSTAR software tools are commonly used by the membership, (2) how these tools are affected by Windows 7 upgrade, (3) how to update the software tools to maintain usability and compatibility.

  • Software Survey: A survey of DSTAR members will be conducted to determine which software tools are commonly used, and what Windows 7 issues are present or are likely to occur.
  • Software Updates: From the survey, the 3-4 most commonly used Windows 7 tools will be selected for extensive testing and verification in the Windows 7 environment.

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