Survey of Best Practices for Copper Theft Deterrence

This report summarizes industry best practices to deter copper theft. It includes economic, reliability-related, and other consequences of copper theft on utility systems. The report also identifies several countermeasures available and implemented by utilities for theft deterrence.

The report is based on information assembled from review of relevant research publications and reports, as well as a survey of DSTAR member organizations and a few other utilities. The survey was designed to gather information related to the level of concern about the copper theft, consequences faced as a result of incidents, and countermeasures implemented or planned for implementation.

The literature review includes:

  • Theft deterrents
  • Law enforcement options
  • Alternate materials

The survey covers the following:

  • Theft deterrents
  • Low enforcement options
  • Alternate materials
  • Approximate cost and/or number of incidents of copper theft
  • Successes - approximate costs and theft reductions from successful measures implemented
  • Failures – measures attempted that were not successful and reason for failure

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