DSTAR Electronic Data Handbook (eHandbook)

The eHandbook is a searchable and interactive electronic handbook that represents the compilation of several different handbooks and data sources could help to improve the efficiency of engineering personnel.

Data needed for critical functions is often distributed among various handbooks, with no one handbook providing all the information needed for a particular calculation or task. Also, many of the data handbooks presently in use have not been updated for many years and contain obsolete data. Finding the appropriate information in large set of “paper” handbooks is often time consuming. DSTAR decided to develop in eHandbook to provide a ready, searchable, up-to-date reference for experienced engineers, and a training/tutorial repository for new engineers.


  • The goal of the DSTAR Data e-Handbook is to create a dynamic electronic document that consists of information commonly used by the DSTAR membership
  • Easy to maintain and update


  • Hyperlink navigation
  • Simple calculation sheets
  • Strong search capability
  • Portable PDF format

Tagged: P3-11, P11, System Reliability, Operational Efficiency, Industry Perspectives / White Papers, Engineering Guidelines, Engineering Analysis Software

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