Secondary Electrical Design Software

The DSTAR Secondary Electrical Design Software (SEDS) is a convenient tool for performing the electrical calculations needed to design single and three phase secondary systems. SEDS performs the following analyses:

Single Phase Systems:

  • Distribution transformer coincident loading
  • Secondary cable loading coincident current
  • Secondary service voltages
  • Voltage flicker
  • Service-entrance short circuit currents
  • Cold load pickup guidelines

Three Phase Systems:

  • Distribution transformer loading
  • Secondary cable loading
  • Secondary service voltages
  • Voltage unbalance
  • Voltage flicker
  • Service-entrance short circuit currents

SEDS allows the user to quickly input the layout of the system using a convenient graphic interface. Data for the distribution transformer, secondary cables, and loads can be selected from databases maintained by your company’s SEDS Program Administrator, or data can be entered directly.

The SEDS optimization engine uses a member utility’s existing SEDS database to find the design with the lowest first cost or lowest total owning cost taking into account overall secondary system losses.

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